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Paper Log Maker
Sturdy metal construction in Good working condition. The Paper Log Maker is perfect for making your own free fuel
Use waste paper to make slow burning logs for your stove, very simple process
A cheap, natural and effective alternative to buying logs or charcoal
Create your own briquettes out of old newspaper
Burn easily so no need for firelighters or barbecue fuel
Non toxic and energy efficient
Simply soak your old newspapers, magazines and light cardboard, fill the log maker, compress and leave to dry
Each finished log will burn for up to 2 hours with no toxic fumes and leaves minimal ash
Stock up on logs during the Summer for use in the Winter
This improved design log maker is manufactured from heavy duty steel
and will withstand the pressure of compressing the wet paper without bending, buckling or twisting
The all steel construction is powder coated with slight evidence of use


Paper Log Maker
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